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Brief Biography

Most people wouldn't consider being born legally blind a "stroke of luck", but as Matt Wheatley would put it, "I was given the gift of exceptional hearing at birth, not given a handicap."

Kentucky born, now a Los Angeles native, Wheatley took to music at a very early age as he struggled with his vision.  His "saving grace" became his ears, and through them he cultivated a special connection to music.

"Being different and going through the struggles I did early on left me with the foundation I have today.  Perseverance, hard work, and staying humble are words I live by.  They're especially important in the music industry.  When you're 17 years old, taking driving lessons at the Kentucky School for the Blind, you can't help but learn a few things in that process.  And my life has a million of those lessons.  Stay humble, and stay hungry."

By his teenage years Wheatley was recording, touring, and producing professionally.  Once off the road there became a shift in focus, as he honed his skills in songwriting, producing, and engineering.

Now writing for artists, film, and television Matt has had several placements including spots on The Voice, Big Bang Theory, Amazon Kids, Home Front, Life in Pieces, and the movie trailer for The Tracker to name just a few recent placements.